product 8


Prefinished - Bamboo floors come protected by layers of factory-applied finish.

Unfinished - Flooring is sanded, stained (if desired), and finished on site.


Solid Bamboo - 100% bamboo from fibers all running in the same direction. Composed of many strips bonded together.

Engineered Bamboo - Bamboo top wear-layer bonded to other core and backing layers in a "sandwich" style that includes fibers running perpendicular to the top and bottom. Provides greater stability regarding expansion and contraction

Composite Core Bamboo - Typically three layers with the center layer made of composite fiber board.



Floating - Interlocking or glue together sides and ends form a "floating" (not attached to substrate) floor.

Glue-Down - Glued down with trowel-on adhesive.

Nail - Flooring is nailed down to a wood subfloor.


Horizontal Grain (HG) - Characteristic bamboo look using wider strips with pronounced nodes. Cut around bamboo stalk perimeter.

Vertical Grain (VG) - Appears similar to traditional hardwood with narrow strips mimicking straight wood grain. Cut radially (“quartersawn”) in the wall of the bamboo and is slightly harder than the horizontal grain.

Strand Woven - A more regular appearance than milled bamboo (vertical or horizontal grain) with nodes only subtly noticeable. Post-industrial recycled bamboo strands pressed in resin under high heat forming a very hard material.