Prefinished - Wood floors come protected by layers of factory-applied finish.

Unfinished - Flooring is sanded, stained (if desired), and finished on site.


Solid – milled from a single piece of timber that is dried by air in a kiln before being cut. Has a thicker wear surface than an engineered wood floor.

Engineered – multiple layers of wood adhered together. Various layer types, including  all timber, composite wood product with a thin wood layer on top, or wood filled with liquid acrylic.


Floating Click-Lock - Interlocking sides and ends form a "floating" (not attached to substrate) floor.

Glue-Down - Glued down with trowel-on adhesive.

Nailed - Flooring is nailed down to a wood subfloor


Certified – Conforms to a set of standards for environmentally sound, socially beneficial, and economically prosperous forest management. 

Reclaimed & salvaged – Materials are rescued from disease, storm damage, or fires or are re-used from structures such as barn siding, military structures, underground piers, or dismantled houses.