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Originally patented in Britain in 1860, all-natural linoleum was a hugely popular product throughout Europe until the industry collapsed due to the outbreak of World War I. The early 1920’s saw a comeback of this resilient product in planking, tile and parquet formats, which was ended by World War II. With the resurgence of interest in renewable flooring products in the 1980’s, natural linoleum has made its most recent comeback and looks and performs better than ever.

Photo courtesy of Forbo Flooring, Inc.

Produced from linseed oil (from the seeds of the flax plant), pine rosins, wood flour, natural pigments, and jute fiber for backing, today’s natural linoleum is not only beautiful, but durable. It is moisture-resistant and has anti-static properties which prevent it from clinging on to dust (and dust mites!) and dirt. It is also anti-bacterial and E-1 compliant for urea-formaldehyde emissions to help keep your home healthy and hygienic. With proper maintenance, this flooring can last a lifetime.

As if that weren't enough, it's easier than ever to install natural linoleum. Marmoleum® is now available in pre-finished click-lock planks (1' x 3' nominal) and squares (1' x 1' nominal). This format incorporates a wear layer of natural linoleum, an E-1 compliant fiberboard core, and a cork backing. Available in eighteen gorgeous colors that run the gamut from neutral to pastel to vibrant, the planks and squares can be mixed and matched to create unique patterns.

Photo courtesy of Forbo Flooring, Inc.

Conventional glue down Marmoleum® tiles and sheets come in a kaleidoscopic array of over 100 evocative colors and patterns (to view all of the available options, go to: http://www.themarmoleumstore.com/ and select: > For the home). Customized insets and borders are also available. Besides having joints only every 79", the sheet good can be coved at the wall base. Professional installation is highly recommended for the sheet goods.

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