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Bamboo, a member of the grass family, produces hardwood fiber much more quickly than trees. On an established plant, poles mature in three to five years, at which point their selective harvest benefits the overall health of the grove. Shifting consumption from trees to bamboo slows the depletion of the earth's forests, giving them a chance to recover from decades of mismanagement.

Bamboo is an ideal hardwood flooring material because:

  • it is as hard or harder than oak.
  • it absorbs more finish below the surface than oak.
  • it is such a rapidly renewable resource!

VG Carbonized Engineered Bamboo

Shown above: Moso VG Carbonized Engineered Bamboo

Here are some options to consider when selecting a bamboo floor:

Horizontal Grain vs. Vertical Grain
Also referred to as HG and VG, the "grain" refers to the way the bamboo poles are cut.

  • HG produces strips about one inch wide, preserving the characteristic look of bamboo.
  • VG produces thinner strips, about 1/4" wide, resulting in a look like a traditional hardwood floor.

Solid vs. Engineered

  • Solid bamboo flooring is actually composed of many strips of bamboo bonded together to form a plank. Must be nailed or glued down when installed, and comes both unfinished and prefinished.
  • Engineered bamboo flooring consists of a prefinished bamboo wearlayer bonded to two cross-laminated (perpendicular) layers of recycled wood or bamboo. This structure reduces expansion and contraction, resulting in a more stable product that may be floated (even over radiant heat) as well as nailed or glued down. 

Prefinished vs. Unfinished

  • Prefinished bamboo floors come protected by layers of factory-applied finish, thus eliminating the dust and fumes typical of a sand-and-finish installation. Flooring Alternatives is proud of offer flooring with a UV-cured finish that will not outgas volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Unfinished flooring has to be sanded, stained (if desired), and finished on site. This provides end users with unlimited color and sheen options for unique custom flooring installations.


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