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Having been a part of the green building movement from the start puts us in a rare position in the flooring market. Long-standing relationships with both nationwide suppliers and small local mills allow us to offer an impressive array of unique materials. Flooring Alternatives is proud to display a wide selection of beautiful, durable, and sustainable alternatives to conventional floor coverings.


Bamboo provides the natural beauty and feel of a wood floor underfoot, yet is harvested sustainably. It is actually beneficial to thin a mature bamboo plant by approximately a third of its poles every five to eight years. This member of the grass family produces hardwood fiber much more quickly than trees, making bamboo the ultimate rapidly renewable resource.

Flooring Alternatives is very selective about our sources for bamboo flooring. It is very important that the manufacturer is well-established and has proven high standards of quality and performance. That way, we know our products have been properly harvested, precisely milled, and carry long-term warranties to help ensure the continuing satisfaction of our clients, regardless of which of our many bamboo options they choose.


Cork flooring is durable for the opposite reason than bamboo and tree woods; its softness is what makes it so resilient. Yielding to pressure (such as from dog claws), the cork springs back rather than denting. Cork is a healthful alternative to carpet and vinyl floor coverings since it neither outgasses (ideal for museums, libraries, archive rooms) nor retains allergens - yet is quiet, soft, and warm underfoot. A perfect example of sustainability, the Cork Oak tree can survive for hundreds of years as only the bark is harvested. Natural characteristics of that bark, such as resistance to temperature extremes, fire and fungi make it possible for a well-maintained finished cork floor to last for decades (for example, Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Falling Water, circa 1937, as well as the high-traffic Berkeley High Little Theatre, circa 1948).

With over 70 different standard styles and colors of cork flooring and a variety of finish options in both glue-down tile and click-lock floating floor formats, we can find the ideal cork floor for any application. Cork tiles in commercial-grade thicknesses (for very high traffic), specialty sizes and custom colors (even color match!) are available by special order.


While common-market hardwoods may be harvested by clear-cutting areas of forest at a much faster rate than they can replenish, we source tropical and some domestic species that are certified to have been harvested using responsible forestry practices, or have been recycled, reclaimed or plantation grown. Our certified suppliers must show that their wood comes from well-managed forests, adhere to strict guidelines regarding harvesting, respect the rights of indigenous people, and promote biological diversity and economic health in the region. Sustainable wood flooring we offer come in solid and engineered, pre- or unfinished to accommodate any desired installation method. Some available species include American Cherry, Maple, Oak, Tigerwood and Brazilian Cherry.

For more on the most trusted forest product certification: http://us.fsc.org/what-we-do.186.htm


Made from all-natural ingredients such as linseed oil, wood flour and rosins, natural pigments and jute for backing, Marmoleum is a healthy alternative to vinyl as a resilient floor covering. Anti-static and anti-microbial, the continued oxidation of the linseed oil will actually increase the durability of Marmoleum over time. Sheet, tiles and click-lock floating floor formats are all available in a virtual kaleidoscope of hues to create any look you can imagine.

Long burl natural cork floating floor

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